Tadoba national park
Tadoba  national park

Tadoba National Park

Travel has the power to bring out the best version of you and changing the couch into a space loaded with mighty and ace nature is a different reward in the experience. Tadoba National Park is a perfect answer to have the same aura. Among the top Indian wildlife destinations for Tiger Safari. Located in Maharashtra, India, the Chandrapur district is one of the largest urban centers in the area. The long-established national park is celebrated for its dense woodlands, diverse flora & Royal Bengal tiger reserve.

Travel has the power to bring out the best version of you and changing the couch into a space loaded with mighty and ace nature is a different reward in the experience.

Tourist Attraction in Tadoba

tadoba erai dam

Erai Dam

Among many attractions, the Erai Dam is one of the main attractions of the Tadoba national park. The Erai dam is placed across the river Erai and is a severe overflowing dam. This Dam is 1620m in length and 30 m above the lowest base in height. Its water storage power and level of the Erai dam are 226, 500 cu km, and 985 cu km, respectively. This place is a beautiful sight to behold. No less than calm, serene, pious, untouched as pure as God. The significance lies in every bit of this and the history behind the same. When you visit this beauty, it is highly recommended to have some calm and soothing moments out here.

tadoba tiger safari

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

The magnificent Tadoba National Park is loaded with magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger and this place is known for this. Tadoba safari zones are significantly divided into core and buffer zone. The core zone outlines the central part of the tiger reserve and is divided into many zones. You can have open-top jeep safaris and watch tigers traversing your path, observe nilgai, hyenas, sambar deer, and sloth bears in their usual surroundings. What can be better than enjoying lakeside picnics with your family and friends in the open arms of nature? Core zones are always demanding areas that tourists prefer to visit mostly.

tadoba kolsa view


Every time you visit here in Kolsa you will realize its value even more than before. It is well surrounded by nature trails and the plethora of wildlife and wonderful landscape is perfect for passionate travelers. Kosla is the most suitable destination where the rustic vibes and the ethnicity lie in abundance. Few glimpses are a delight to your senses and spending your quality time with your friends and family hits differently. A nature walk is also a huge turn-on. Surroundings are a few fascinating landscapes that bring full joy. Kosa is dotted with praiseworthy natural beauty, where the landscape is of extraordinary value.

tadoba lake

Tadoba Lake

The glory of the serene crystal charm of India is incomplete without landing over Tadoba Lake. The beauty of splendid water shining from all views is the most joyful moment. Famous for hotspots for crocodile breeding and it is something different that you discover here before the lakeside. The main point of this natural and pious place is responsible for the most thought-provoking view.

moharli safari zone


Tadoba National Park is earning all the marks in terms of offering its earthiness and the candid areas which can be photographed elaborately. Moharli is also one of the special treats to your sense and one of the most sought places for jeep and canter safari. Moharli is the best enticing place to capture all bewilderedness. Tiger spotting is very popular here and staying options are immense here so there is no dearth of discomfort in Moharli if you are ultimately here.

tadoba shopping place

Shopping Places in Tadoba

Although the shopping spot does not have many options, one can still have a quality shopping experience here. You will find some interesting collections here. The best thing about shopping here is you will take home some exquisite items. It is always a good idea to bring along some token of the place that will keep your memory of the Tadoba trip as fresh as ever.

Geographical Details about Park

tadoba map
  • 1. Total Forest Area – 1536 Square Kilometres
  • 2. Core Area – 716 square kilometers
  • 3. Type of Forest – tropical moist, deciduous forests with sal, mixed forest, and grasslands.
  • 4. Rivers – Johilla, janadh, charanganga, Damnar, Banbei, Ambanala and Andhiyari Jhiria
  • 5. Hills – Tadoba hill, rising 811 meters above sea level
  • 6. Temperature – maximum 40 degrees Celsius in summer and 8 degrees in winter
  • 7. Annual Rainfall – The average rainfall of Tadoba National Park is 1133mm

Road Distance from Tadoba to following Cities

  • 1. Distance from Nagpur 140 km
  • 2. Distance from Pune 742 km
  • 3. Distance from Mumbai 856 km
  • 4. Distance from Gwalior 850 km
  • 5. Distance from Navi Mumbai 858 km
  • 6. Distance from Indore 856 km
  • 7. Distance from Nashik 689 km
  • 8. Distance from Bhopal 500 km
  • 9. Distance from Jabalpur 418 km
  • 10. Distance from Katni 513 km
  • 11. Distance from Hyderabad 447 km
  • 12. Distance from Solapur 576 km

Top Things to do in Tadoba

Tadoba National Park is expanded in 1955, the reserve includes the Tadoba National Park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is heaven and the most elegant forest where spotting tiger is on the top priority list for all tourists. The recent record of spotting tigers is better than ever as the forest is enriched with the highest densities of tigers worldwide. The earthy place is perfect for capturing through Jeep and Canter as per your need. Tourists have many things to explore here. All wildlife craving is going to be fulfilled here with the two safaris in a day with every 3 hours ride.


Visit Ramdegi Temple

Ramdegi splendid rural setup in the Chimur Taluk of Chandrapur. It has set new standards and its beautiful construction is mesmerizing.


Jeep Safari & Canter Safari

Jeep and Canter Safari are the most charming way to explore the Tadoba forest easily. Get a chance to meet with tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, and other plenty of generous fauna that thrive in this forest.


Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a strong recommendation for all the tourists who love colorful tiny creatures. The offering is not limited to this only as this garden has many host and nectar plants to grab some local butterfly species.


Birds Watching

No place is better than a wide array of birds alongside water bodies. Hunting Tadoba Lake is a pious and peaceful venture. Getting along with White-eyed buzzards, Oriental honey buzzards, and also paradise flycatchers, Indian rollers, Indian pitta, etc.

How to reach Tadoba

Tadoba by Air: The nearest Tadoba airport is at Nagpur which is about 140 km away only. The running flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata fly to Nagpur. Taxis or buses can be appointed from the airport to reach. Nagpur Airport is accessible from all major cities. 4 to 5 hours drive to the Tadoba National Park from the Airport is easily accessible.

Tadoba by Rail: To reach the Tadoba National Park, the nearest railway head is Chandrapur, 45 km from the park. Railway stations are amazingly connected to all major cities of the country. After that, you can hire a cab or bus to reach your ultimate destination..

Tadoba by Road: There are multiple buses, and cab services available to take you directly from the Airport or Railway station. The direct reach to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve is very smooth with a personal cab and you can hire public transportation as well depending upon your family member’s availability.

Nearby places or cities

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tadoba National Park is open for tourists from 15th October to 30th June. The best time to visit the national park is from November to March to April.

Moharli zone in Tadoba National Park is a perfect spot for the best tiger sighting. There are ample accommodation facilities for the tourists. The Moharli Gate is at the center and accessibility is better from the other two zones of Tadoba namely the Tadoba Zone and Kolsa Zone.

The Tadoba National Park boasts of around 88 tigers in its forests. Tiger sighting is dependable on your luck too.

The center of attraction of the Tadoba National Park is Royal Bengal Tiger. It is for a good chance of spotting tigers.

Tadoba forest is small in structure there is a good tiger population which is showing that how spotting tigers can be easy for any tourists.

Tadoba National Park is a real delight for bird lovers. Such birds will make your day if you will watch their certain activities and photographed them.

  • Lesser Whistling-Duck
  • Bar-headed Goose
  • Knob-billed Duck
  • Cotton Pygmy-Goose

From November to April is the key time to visit this exotic place. No wonder this time of the year fetches the tiger out for drinking the water from rivers, lakes, and water spots.

3 to 5 days is more than enough for exploring Tadoba National Park. If you have booked multiple safaris then staying over here to that extent will be worth it.

There is Nagpur Airport, a Railway station from where reaching the Tadoba National Park is super convenient.

Private vehicles are strictly not allowed.

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