Introduction to the Tigers of Tadoba National park

Tigers of Tadoba National park

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is widely renowned for its tiger sightings, and recent data indicate that these majestic animals come regularly in front of the tourists as a way of showing their appreciation.

Tadoba's expansive 1727 sq km forest tract is situated in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district, around 150 miles from Nagpur. The core and buffer regions of TATR are separated. There are a total of 6 access gates to Tadoba's primary zones, which open up to the entertaining wilderness. The Tadoba royal wild kings are free to roam their domain. Peak season demand for Tadoba Safari Booking coincides with a rise in the frequency of sighting reports.

The "Queen of Tadoba" is the title given to this graceful beauty. Maya is one of India's fiercest tigresses who used cunning tactics to protect her young from the fury of other male tigers, notably the enormous "Matkasur" and "Gabbar." She is said to have inherited regal beauty and charms guests with her swagger as she drives 4×4 safaris into the bush. She presently appears to be in charge of a big portion of this actual tiger territory. Maya, one of Tadoba's most recognisable big cats, has been a long-standing resident of Tadoba, and we hope she stays that way. Maya gave long-distance visitors enough to cheer about when she gave birth to her fifth litter of pups in Tadoba last year! You might encounter her ambling around with her litter on a safari while staying at our Tadoba resort.

BAJRANG: This powerful man is not as welcoming to tourists as his peers. He is usually hesitant in front of the camera and appears to favour seclusion. Spotting Bajrang is a treat because he is rarely visible. Any safari crew that spots him should count themselves fortunate.

MATKASUR: is Tadoba's dominating male tiger. He is recognised as the current 'King of Tadoba' owing to his numerous victories over ancient 'Gabbar.' Because of his enormous stature and 'pot-belly' physical structure, he was given the moniker 'Matkasur.' Chota Matka, Choti Tara's cub, is supposed to be his father. The big guy is said to routinely emerge in front of tourist cars.

Choti Tara is the legendary Tara tigress's daughter. She is one of the few tigresses with a radio collar around her neck that allows her movements to be tracked. Her mother 'Tara' gave her the appearance and characteristics. She rules over a huge region and is quickly becoming a popular TATR destination. According to the most recent sighting reports, she has been regularly seen with her male cub Chota Matka.

The male cub of Matkasur and Choti Tara, Chota Matka, is a vibrant animal. Chota Matka is a very energetic tiger that enjoys making many appearances in front of tourists, much like his parents. He is also said to have inherited from his parents some hunting prowess, which he has recently shown in front of tourists.