In the Chandpur district of Maharashtra resides Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national Park Tadoba National Park. The park is also known as the Tadoba Andheri tiger reserves as it is one of the India’s 47 project tiger reserve that exist in India. The Tadoba National Park is one of the best tiger reserve in India that offer to see and experience the Royal Bengal tiger in its prime habitat.

The Park consist of an ecosystem that has a very wide variety of flora and fauna. Alongside Royal Bengal tiger tadoba has an abundance of other creatures which includes leopard cheetal, chinkara, langoors, nilgai, barking dear, blue bull, spotted deer, flying squirrels, slot bears, gaur ,dhols, stripped Hyena ,small Indian civet, jungle cat, sambar and chausingha.

The Tadoba National Park embraces dry deciduous vegetation and the most popular type of trees root in the forest are teak and bamboo. It is what to observe the majestic jungle ambience of the perk that provide genuine jungle treat to embrace and to attain a perfect jungle experience. The park is a spotless combination of magnificent forest, thrills with huge and captivating attraction of Tadoba Lake. The dense forest areas, smooth Meadows, deep valleys and a great atmosphere present in the park contribute to preserve more number of tigers and the few lakes available in the forest provide key ingredients needed to sustain the Park’s life.

The park endures the Mars crocodile and the endangered reptiles including Indian Python, common Indian monitor, terrapins Indian star tortoise, Indian cobra and Russell’s viper.It is also a house to 195 species of birds including a wide range of water birds raptors and endangered species and 74 spaces of butterflies including the Pansies Monarch, Mormons and Swordtails.

Tiger safari in an opened top Gypsy is the core of attraction to the park. Spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger is the most in demand and on top priority list when it comes to witness the wilderness in full swing. And the most absolute time to a call on this amazing and majestic jungle is from February -May. And around 90000 people visit this magnificent park annually..