Excitement knows no boundaries when you know that the door of happiness awaits you. Why not head to Tadoba National Park for an important rejuvenating retreat from the hustle of daily life? This compassionate break won’t hurt you on the go. 

How about getting up and close to the wild beasts of the Tadoba jungle? This park is simultaneously nurturing the tigers with complete protection and care. 

Exciting Events of Tadoba National Park

If you will go through important events of the Tadoba forest then there are ample things to do. The idea is to make your trip worthwhile every single day. Read on must-see attractions in Tadoba. 


Moharli has located about 6.5 km from Tadoba National Park, this village serves as a gateway to the Mohrali zone. It is one of the oldest entrances to the expedition point, where you can enjoy pre-booked jeep and canter Jungle Safaris. 

Erai Dam

Erai Dam all 7 gates are opened and give the ultimate viewing experience. This is the most frequented tourist attraction in Tadoba. The length of the dam is 1620 m and the water level is 226,500 cu km and 985 cu km, respectively. Its mesmerizing view makes you speechless. 

Jungle Safari 

Tadoba Jeep Safari offer better accessibility than canter safaris, despite being more economical. Safety is here in every ride whether you have a jeep or canter. They are better with the guide as well for a better analysis of the path of the jungle. 

Tadoba National Park Hotels and Resorts

You cannot skip this part of your travel anyways. Where you are going to stay during your travel is important once you are here in the national park of Tadoba. Irai Safari Retreat is my recommendation as everything is best about this hotel. You feel like you are somewhere on a private island. Tiger Valley Resort is also one of my favorite ones. 

Tadoba National Park Packages

All comfort is by your side when you plan an offbeat getaway and our multiple packages are here to cover you. From weekends to family packages, you are going to enjoy every bit of them. All wildlife lovers, be here for the perfect vacation. With its rich biodiversity, the Tadoba National Park is nothing less than a paradise for wildlife

Tadoba Safari Booking

Our site is offering to pre-book of safaris. During peak season or for any other seasons, online pre-booking of safari is always recommended for desirable zones.

Hope you will also enjoy as much as other tourists enjoy being here in this park.