Canter Safari in Tadoba

Canter Safari in Tadoba

This is a universal safari in which 22 people can be accommodated at a time.This shared safari or Canter is an open big jeep in which there are 2 guides in the canter. Canters are the cost-effective option for safari. Online booking can’t be done, only on the spot booking available for Canter. Discover the wildlife closely in Canter safari as well and make your soul bewildered with the scenic view.

Tadoba Canter Safari Booking Price

Canter Price INR 1000 / Person (Indian) |  INR 2000/ Person (Foreigner)
Zone : Moharli Gate
Timing : 06:30 AM - 11:00 AM | 02:30 PM - 06:30 PM
The price includes : Canter & Driver, Permit Charges, Guide Charges, Online Payment Gateway Charges & Our Service Charges and Taxes.
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve offers Canter Safaris, which are open-air vehicle tours designed to explore the reserve and its wildlife.
Canter Safari are non refundable.

Tadoba Canter Safari Zone - Moharli Gate

In Tadoba National Park, Canter safari is available only in Moharali Zone. The most visited zone in Tadoba. The effective visit to Moharli zone via canter safari is priceless as well and it has its own charm. This mini-van will take you to the deep forest and add more value to your Tadoba trip. The height of the canter is designed in a way that your viewing experience will be mind-blowing and longer. Moharli Gate is especially more accessible and it is in the center so the availability of jeep safari and canter safari both is here in Tadoba in this gate.

This zone is best for Tiger spotting and is very popular among tourists. So only canter safari in Moharli gate is available and vibing with forests are awesome with canter safari.

tadoba canter safari
canter safari tadoba

NOTE:- Canter safari only available in Moharli gate in Tadoba National Park

Cost of Canter safari

The cost of a canter safari per person is Rs. 1000 and quite cheaper than the Jeep Safari. It is safe and exploring the jungle via canter safari is cheap and the best option.

Design of Canter Safari

Canter safari for Tadoba National Park is an open mini bus big enough to accommodate 22 people. It is for those who prefer economical commuting options. It is very specific and comfortable for sitting for many hours. The height of the canter safari is better so people experience better sightings of forest via canter.

Tadoba Canter Safari Booking Procedure

Tadoba Canter Safari online booking procedure is quite easy. It is better than on the spot booking. You can easily do online booking and make you avoid last minute hustle. Check the guidelines step by step.

  • There are two options available: Regular and Tatkal.
  • Go for 3 days prior online safari booking.
  • Check Moharli zone canter safari availability as per your preferred date and time.
  • Now you are done with the safari after doing online payments.
  • Download the mail confirmation to show at the gate.

Inexpensive Canter safari Ride

There are many ways to reach the jungle. One of them is canter safari, which is the most inexpensive way to explore Tadoba National Park in their natural habitat. You have to switch to the buffer zone gate, rather than the core gate. The Safari ride in Core gate is more expensive than the buffer zone gate.

Route Chart

Nagpur to Moharli Gate 180 km Via Chandrapur - Nagpur Rd/Mancherial
Chandrapur to Moharli Gate 30 km Via Durgapur Road